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At Gold Accounting Tax, we know you want to be successful in real estate. In order to do that, you need an in-depth understanding of your finances at any given time. We understand because we are real estate investors ourselves and understand the specific challenges real estate businesses experience. 

You may feel frustrated and nervous about whether you have the financial team you need.  We can help you because our expertise is in real estate accounting & tax, and we continuously increase our knowledge in the area. We work with entrepreneurs and their management teams to help them navigate the challenges and obstacles of real estate growth.

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What We Do



Gold Accounting Tax helps businesses in recording, analyzing, and reporting real time financial transactions related to the buying, selling, renting, construction, and managing of real estate properties.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Gold Accounting Tax provides tax planning services for real estate businesses. This involves developing and implementing strategies to minimize tax liability and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.


Gold Accounting Tax provides outsourced CFO for real estate investors & businesses. We provide high-level financial expertise and strategic guidance to help businesses achieve their financial goals.

Advisory and Compliance

Gold Accounting Tax provides guidance and support to help the business operate efficiently, stay compliant with regulations, and grow into a profitable business.

Industries We Serve

Single & Multi family Investors

At Gold Accounting Tax, we will help you comply with various tax regulations and file federal, state, and local tax returns. We help you navigate tax deductions and depreciation schedules to optimize your financial returns. Real estate investors benefit from working with Gold Accounting Tax to help them navigate these challenges and optimize their financial performance.

Residential Construction Companies

Residential construction companies benefit from working with Gold Accounting Tax which understands the industry's unique challenges and can help them navigate complex accounting requirements.
Effective accounting practices can help your company improve cash flow, track project costs, and stay compliant with regulations, ultimately leading to greater profitability and long-term success.

Property Managers & Associations

At Gold Accounting Tax, we will help you manage multiple properties in real-time, increase cash flow, save time so you can manage, and grow your portfolio with peace of mind.
Property management companies benefit from working with Gold Accounting Tax to help them navigate these challenges and optimize their financial performance.

Brokers & Agents

We help brokers & agents save thousands in taxes through tax planning so they can sell more without the fear of being in a high tax bracket.
Gold Accounting Tax will help you manage your accounting needs more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your clients.

Our Action Plan


Step 1


Schedule a discovery meeting with one of our CFOs to learn about about the challenges, obstacles, and current processes.

Step 2

Insight report

We will work with you and your team to assemble an in-depth business insights report that outlines your main business challenges.

Step 3

Goal Plan

We'll walk you through the financial challenges we've identified and recommend how you should address them to achieve your short-term and future goals.


Our Certificates

What our Clients Say


Elsa Berhane

Professionalism, Quality

This is my second year of preparing my taxes with Alice; She is very dependable; knowledgeable and trustworthy. She is also patient and will work around your schedule to complete your tax preparation. Highly recommend Gold Accounting Tax.

Easy to work with and responsive

I cannot say enough good things about Alice! Not only is she so nice, quick to respond, and relatable, but she takes the time to make sure you understand and is patient with answering any and all questions. Before I found Alice, I dreaded doing taxes, but now it is a breeze! Highly recommend Her.

Ezmon Walwyn

Excellent services

Helped my two businesses by crunching the numbers and keeping us on track for growth! Highly recommended!

Excellent Master Accountant

Alice works quickly and effectively to help us stay in compliance with the IRS. She has helped me balance the books and achieve future tax planning. I am very pleased with her work. Highly recommended!

Wade Wilson

Responsiveness, Value

I have worked with Alice for three consecutive years for tax preparation services. I have had my own business during this time and transitioned back to being a w-2 employee. Alice was knowledgeable on all different tax strategies, and her level of service has been top-notch, I highly recommend her for all of your tax preparation needs

What we needed

Once we got Alice on the job, things started moving. She was able to sort through our books and organize them with ease. Even made some great recommendations so we can move forward with our work. Our previous accountant was mediocre, to say the least. I am recommending her for all my future tax needs. I am very busy, and for me, she just gets it done!"

Jeff Goldstein


I enjoyed working with Alice at Gold Accounting Tax, and the experience exceeded my expectations. Alice is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in her field and friendly and approachable, making the tax filing process a breeze. She took the time to understand my financial situation and provided personalized recommendations that helped me optimize my tax returns. Her attention to detail and thoroughness in reviewing my documents gave me peace of mind, knowing that everything was in good hands. I appreciate her professionalism and transparency throughout the process, and I highly recommend Alice and Gold Accounting Tax to anyone needing top-notch tax services.

About us

At Gold Accounting Tax, we help real estate businesses and investors in Florida save thousands in taxes and grow with outsourced accounting, advisory & tax services.

Best of all, we are Real estate CPAs, advanced QuickBooks advisors,  licensed real estate agents, and investors. This allows us to help you with our real estate accounting expertise and tax advice and provide unique investment insights to grow your portfolio confidently.

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